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Hello there! Welcome to East Side Port, your home of virtual coffee and all kinds of writing. My name is Benjamin, otherwise known as cosmicPostman, and here I’ll post various opinion pieces, reviews and other musings on the wider world of video games, other random pieces of writing, and updates for Cause, my online serial about a group of psychic kids. If you’re new to Cause, you can start reading here!

I’m a student living in the UK that hopes to do this sort of writing gig as a proper job in the future, and I am currently looking to have my first complete novel, Darkmore, published in the very near future. Other than that, there really isn’t that much to say about me. I’m one part cynical and bitter, and another part calm and collected… but I’m mostly cynical and bitter.

I also have a YouTube channel called Yore Games, where I play videogames with my friends. It’s a fun time for all, so I definitely recommend you check it out if you can.

Anyway, that’s enough about me; thank you kindly for finding your way here – sit down, have a drink and read a post or two!

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