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Hello there! Welcome to East Side Port, your home of virtual coffee and all kinds of writing. My name is Benjamin, otherwise known as cosmicPostman, and for the most part, this site is where I post updates for my online serials and SSLPs, as well as other miscellaneous pieces or even podcasts from time to time.

A serial about a group of psychic kids who get drafted to save their universe from destruction. If you’re new to Cause, you can start reading here.

Sunderland College
A serial focussing on college students in a world where clothing grants the wearer superhuman powers. If you’re new to Sunderland College, you can start reading here.

Let’s Plays
I complete screenshot-based Let’s Plays on the SomethingAwful forums, which are linked here once completed. You can access them from the menu above.

Zero in Charisma
A podcast whereupon a group of players enjoy a role-playing game with one crucial flaw: the DM has done zero preparation in advance, and is making everything up on the spot. The first episode of Zero in Charisma can be found here.

Thank you kindly for finding your way here – sit down, have a drink and read a post or two.

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Discord – cosmicPostman#0359

E-Mail – benjamin.cp @

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