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Battle Clothing Index


  • [No. 003] Phantom Overcoat
    Formation: Trench Coat + Augment Patch
    Effect: User’s arms become long-reaching shadow claws
    Drawback: User may lose control of self when coat is fully worn
  • [No. 004] Stone Layer Coat
    Formation: Duffel Coat + Power Patch
    Effect: Lets user send waves of stone pillars from out of the ground
    Drawback: The more pillars out, the more mental strain on the user


  • [No. 028] Powerful Pullover
    Formation: T-Shirt + Power Patch
    Effect: Hugely increases user’s physical strength
    Drawback: Massively decreases user’s charisma
  • [No. 034] Garrote Garter
    Formation: Dress + Power Patch
    Effect: Gives user several daggers in their garters, of varying length
    Drawback: Daggers cannot break but also cannot be replaced


  • [No. 058] Boxing Shorts
    Formation: Shorts + Power Patch
    Effect: Gives user large boxing gloves and strong punching ability
    Drawback: Cannot be worn with tops or coats
  • [No. 061] Sawblade Skirt
    Formation: Skirt + Power Patch
    Effect: Turns user’s skirt into a spinning buzzsaw
    Drawback: Draws on user’s own energy to spin the saw


  • [No. 073] Steel-Capped Kickers
    Formation: Boots + Power Patch
    Effect: Renders user capable of dealing incredibly potent kicks
    Drawback: User’s legs will take some of the impact
  • [No. 077] Rocket Heels
    Formation: High Heels + Support Patch
    Effect: Allows the user to blast high into the air with extreme force and heat
    Drawback: Uses own energy to “blast off”, needs a lot of food/fuel to recharge
  • [No. 081] Ward Aura Slippers
    Formation: Slippers + Augment Patch
    Effect: Protects all nearby combatants from physical harm to a degree
    Drawback: Does not protect the user, combatants can be knocked unconscious


  • [No. 093] Bunny Suit
    Formation: Knickers + Augment Patch
    Effect: User gains athletic abilities and resistance to physical damage
    Drawback: Cannot be worn with coats, tops or trousers