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[Brainstorm] SAND

I think the first games I ever genuinely regretted missing by being too young for it was the Megaman series from 1987 onwards. I love Megaman, I do, and despite some flawed design and dodgy ideas, it was still fun and challenging enough to be something that I definitely wanted to play. I have since played through the first three games to completion, and I’ve partly played through and seen LPs on 4, 5 and 6. What made it interesting was the ability to freely choose the order that you fought the Robot Masters – everyone knows that by now, but the other thing I quite liked were the varied and interesting weapons that you got from beating Robot Masters. However, I was a creative kid, and instead of doing what most fans of Megaman do and designing my own fan-made Robot Masters like Glass Man, Class Man and Crushing Sense Of Depression Man, I decided to make a game similar to Megaman, but with a heavier focus on the actual weapons rather than the free selection. Hence: SAND.

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[Brainstorm] Ephids

OK, for the first exciting brainstorm we’re going to talk about real-time strategy and, uh, strategy in general, I guess. You see, I come up with too many game ideas to actually make, because I have the programming skills of a sea monkey and the artistic skills of a snapped pencil, and turns out that programming and art are actually a big part of making a game. As such, I’ve decided to write up the majority of my designs here so I have them on file, and so other people can mock me for my no-doubt-laughable game design skills. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get inspired to design your own game reading these. Without further ado, then: real-time strategy.

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