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[Game Review] Monument Valley 2

So, the wonderful and touching Monument Valley got a sequel earlier this year, and whilst I’m normally keeping a careful eye on new releases, this one slipped under my radar. I’ll have to thank today’s guest, my begrudging acquaintance Ruth, for reminding me that this game exists and making me finish it ASAP so I could review. I really liked Monument Valley, so… yeah, this game’s got a lot to live up to. Here we go… I suppose I’ll start this time.

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[Game Review] Monument Valley

The mobile phone market is a bit like an ageing celebrity – I used to respect them, but now I just regard them with disinterested glances whenever they appear in the news whilst I sigh and wonder if we can ever return to the way things were. It used to be a place of innovation and creativity, where enraged fowls and rope slicing could occur on a daily basis; nowadays, the physics puzzlers and endless runners have been replaced by war games and free-to-play-but-not-really games, both of which really get my goat so hard that they start choking it.

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[Game Review] Cuphead

That’s right – it’s been, like, three weeks after I originally intended to review it, but I’ve finally beaten Cuphead! That should say something about a) how busy uni is, b) how bad at games I am, and a distant c) how hard Cuphead is. But let’s not dally any further with this silly introductory paragraph – Cuphead, here we go!

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[Game Review] Cave Story

When someone says ‘indie’, there’s a few titles that come to mind as inherently indie. Super Meat Boy, Fez, Limbo – when you get asked to name an indie game, there’s few games that come to mind quite like Cave Story. Made by one guy, over many years of painstaking work, Cave Story is the ultimate story of indie success. Only one question remains: does it still earn that label, or is it less good than we all thought it was, like a kebab that tasted great drunk but less good sober?

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[Game Review] Megaman Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar

This isn’t going to come as a surprise to anybody who’s ever visited a university campus a few days after freshers week, but I came down with freshers flu, and quite badly, and so I wasn’t really in the mood to try and beat Cuphead, which, whilst nice-looking and entertaining, requires focus and effort, two things I wasn’t bothered to put into it this week. So, as usually happens when I get ill and unmotivated, I went back to the classics, and in this week’s case, it was Megaman Battle Network 6 that I wanted to play. And I did – so how does it stack up to Battle Network 3’s masterful storytelling and utterly broken gameplay?

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[Game Review] Fortnite

Oh, here we go. My pushy friends have been making me play games outside of my comfort zones recently, and the latest attempt to make me experience the human emotion of ‘fun’ was Fortnite. Specifically, Battle Royale mode. You know, the deathmatch-style thing that a few games have been abusing lately? Well… let’s see how that went.

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[Game Review] Pokken Tournament DX

When I was thinking about what to review this week, I didn’t really think about my most recent purchase, Pokken Tournament DX, because I’d not even come close to beating it. However, with Saturday looming nearer than I’d like and me being too busy packing for uni to play anything else, I remember that it was a fighting game and therefore the story literally doesn’t even matter. So, here we go: Pokken Tournament DX.

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