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[Game Review] Super Mario Odyssey

It’s taken me a while to get around to it, but Nintendo did indeed shit out another fully-fledged 3D Mario game this year! It’s finally time to review Super Mario Odyssey, the game that surprised me most by it’s theme. You see, anyone that knows me in real life knows one thing: I fucking love top hats. I have one myself, and I wear it when I can. So to have a Mario game where I can wear and weaponise a top hat, fighting Bowser who is also wearing and weaponising a top hat? …Yeah, safe to say I already like this game.

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[Game Review] Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

I don’t think anyone was surprised when the ‘pizzeria simulator’ Scott Cawthon had been hinting at turned out to be FNAF 6 in secret. I think many were surprised at other things, mainly animatronics leaping up in front of your face and screaming, or how much lore this game revealed, but as I am someone who has long since given up on the FNAF lore (mostly, anyway, I still check the subreddit now and then) this review will primarily study the gameplay of Pizzeria Simulator.

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[Game Review] Monument Valley 2

So, the wonderful and touching Monument Valley got a sequel earlier this year, and whilst I’m normally keeping a careful eye on new releases, this one slipped under my radar. I’ll have to thank today’s guest, my begrudging acquaintance Ruth, for reminding me that this game exists and making me finish it ASAP so I could review. I really liked Monument Valley, so… yeah, this game’s got a lot to live up to. Here we go… I suppose I’ll start this time.

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[Game Review] Monument Valley

The mobile phone market is a bit like an ageing celebrity – I used to respect them, but now I just regard them with disinterested glances whenever they appear in the news whilst I sigh and wonder if we can ever return to the way things were. It used to be a place of innovation and creativity, where enraged fowls and rope slicing could occur on a daily basis; nowadays, the physics puzzlers and endless runners have been replaced by war games and free-to-play-but-not-really games, both of which really get my goat so hard that they start choking it.

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[Anime Review] Yu-Gi-Oh!

Well, there’s nothing that screams ‘shounen’ quite like this ancient, classic anime. I don’t use classic positively, though. Yu-Gi-Oh!, the anime that inspired a million memes and just as many poor voice acting decisions: but how many people can claim to have actually watched it? Well, not me – I only watched up to episode 6. There are many reasons why, but it basically boils down to Yu-Gi-Oh! being as predictable and boring as the weather in the middle of an arid desert. And being shit.

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[Game Review] Cuphead

That’s right – it’s been, like, three weeks after I originally intended to review it, but I’ve finally beaten Cuphead! That should say something about a) how busy uni is, b) how bad at games I am, and a distant c) how hard Cuphead is. But let’s not dally any further with this silly introductory paragraph – Cuphead, here we go!

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[Anime Review] Black Clover

I had nothing better to play this week (I am making progress in Cuphead, I promise) so I decided that I’d use the time to wax lyrical on the anime I watched and dropped quickly afterwards: Black Clover – most notably, the first few episodes. Since, well, they’re all I’ve seen of it.

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