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Cause [1.1.4]

The sun glinted in the sky amongst the grey clouds gathered around, like an eye staring at the world below. Within seconds, it had faded into obscurity as the clouds smothered it in their drab greyness. Cassie Jasper sighed as she stared out of her window. Nothing like a depressing morning for getting on with some college work.

As she turned towards her bedroom and walked over to the door, she had the merest flicker of a vision and realised that she would be talking to Zack quite soon. With this in mind, Cassie stopped to pick up her laptop before taking that, and her work, downstairs. Her phone was still charging, so she left it for a while. She lived in an expansive place – her mother was a lawyer and her father a CEO – so she and her brother had never particularly wanted for anything, and they loved the house very much.

She walked into the expansive living room and occupied one of the two black leather armchairs. The sofa, complementing the black colour scheme of the room with red leather, was more comfortable, but she needed to get some proper work done and she always fell asleep lying on the sofa. The large television screen beckoned to her, but she resisted the pull and opened her laptop, glancing through her social media quickly, then balanced it on one of the arms.

Cassie took out some of her Art project – due Wednesday next week – and began to work. She enjoyed Art; not as much as English Language, but she enjoyed it for the soothing way she could lose herself in her work. It was not uncommon for Cassie to spend several hours working nonstop on her Art pieces. Soon, however, she received another vague vision and realised that Zack was about to speak to her. When she checked her laptop, she also found that Mizar had sent her a message. She was always forgetting to turn her laptop’s volume up when she was working, and she did so now in order to hear any future messages.

Laying her artwork on the floor for a moment, she responded to the messages.


You wanted to talk to me? CJ 


Mizar had been waiting a while for a reply, and Cassie felt a little bad for him.


 Mi you around?

I am now. Sorry for the delay, I missed your message. CJ 

 Mi no prob.

 Mi have another vision yet?

A psychic vision? Or a prophetic vision? CJ 

 Mi psychic visions. already aware that you can see the future, thats not important.

I can’t say I have this morning. The most recent one was last night. There were two eyeballs in the bath; it was quite concerning. CJ 

 Mi right, ok.


Cassie’s brother Andrew came down the stairs. He was visiting for the weekend, but usually he was at university. He poked his head into the living room. “Morning, sis.”

“Hey.” Cassie said.

“Did you make breakfast?” he asked, walking in and flopping on the sofa.
“Not yet. I can’t pre-empt when you wake up on command, you know.” she replied, smiling. Andrew laughed. “Yeah, true.”

Cassie’s laptop beeped. “Blast. The battery’s low.”


 Mi you know were telling the truth though, right?

Yes, I am aware. I’m waiting for everyone else to understand first before I act.  CJ 

Also, my apologies, but could you just excuse me for a moment? My laptop is in critical condition; I need to go upstairs and charge it. CJ 

 Mi yeah sure. ill be around.


“I’ll make breakfast if you want.” offered Andrew. “Go charge it.”

“Thanks, Andy. Be back shortly.” Cassie replied, picking up her laptop and nimbly stepping over her artwork to go upstairs. Andrew put his phone away – messaging a platoon of girls, no doubt – and got up to prepare something for breakfast. He was an excellent cook as a result of his ongoing university degree in Culinary Arts, and breakfasts were his specialty.

Once she was upstairs, Cassie crept past her parents’ room and into her own room, where she could plug in her laptop and leave it to charge. Her phone, now mostly charged, could be used in the meantime. She picked it up and decided on a whim to message her best friend.


Hello, friend. How are you on this fine morning? CJ 


There was no response. She was probably still asleep. Cassie pulled a face, but she knew that her friend would be awake shortly. Having finished messaging Zack, she pocketed her phone and walked back downstairs to find Andrew in the kitchen busying himself with some food.

“Thank you.” she called into the kitchen as she sat down. Andrew grinned. “No prob.”


I’m back. My apologies for that. CJ 

 Mi no worries. so what do you plan to do?

Nothing yet. I’m trying to convince everyone else first. What exactly do we have to do? CJ 

 Mi you will receive more instructions when it is prudent.

 Mi dont worry about it for now, just get everyone else convinced then speak to me again.

I’ll start doing that immediately. CJ 


With little else to do until her friend woke up and breakfast was ready, Cassie picked up her artwork once again and continued working on it. The sizzle of bacon in the kitchen lulled her into a gentle trance, her entire world consumed by the singular picture in front of her.

Another vision came to her as she drew. She saw, in her near future, an uncomfortable conversation that was necessary to have. Geoffrey.

She sighed, and continued to draw.

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