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Cause [1.2.6]

It was late evening on Void, bordering night, but Mizar and Saiph were not yet home. They were sat with hundreds of Voidians in a crowded, stuffy theatre, with an empty stage down below.

“She always gets us good seats.” Saiph remarked. “Absolutely banging.”

“They are good, yes.” Mizar agreed.

“You alright, homeslice?”

“Just tired.” Mizar said, shrugging. “I’m waiting for this to start already. It’s time, right?”

“Few more minutes, bro.” Saiph replied. “Just enough time to chat to this lovely lady on my left…”

Mizar sighed and focussed his attention on the stage whilst Saiph unsuccessfully flirted with the Voidian sat on his left. Fafnir’s show would start soon, and she had claimed that this was going to be one of her funniest gigs yet – she often claimed this, though. Mizar knew that it would be good as always, however. He checked his wrist phone whilst he waited.


nervous? Mi 

 Fa You always ask this

 Fa I’m good!! You guys alright?

yeah, Saiph’s chatting someone up so I’m bored. Mi 

 Fa Honestly, he never changes

 Fa Don’t worry, I just got my five min call so it’ll start soon

alright. can’t wait to see it. Mi 

 Fa Thanks, Miz! You’re gonna like this one

has there been a gig I haven’t liked? Mi 

 Fa True, true – anyway gotta go, talk later!

good luck. Mi 


Mizar, content, closed his wrist phone and sat back in his seat. By this time Saiph had been rebuffed by every girl sitting around him, and he was forced to talk to Mizar.

“Man, these chicas be cold today.”

“If you were less of a pillock, they’d like you more.” Mizar replied humourlessly.

“Guess so, blood. Anyway, gig starts soon!”

“Yes.” Mizar said. “Apparently this one’s good. That’s what she told me the other day anyway.”

“Heard the same thing, bro, it’s making me crunk!” Saiph replied with a grin. Mizar nodded. “You’ve been following Fafnir’s exploits for longer than the rest of us. Has she been getting better?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, dude! I mean, she was pretty fly before, but once she grew up she became fucking righteous in her comedy. Gotta admit, homey, she’s one of the best comediennes on Void.” Saiph explained. Mizar nodded his head in agreement. “That she is.”

“She was never unfunny, though, brah. Hella fresh from day one, had audiences laughing into her palms. She’s had a few salty gigs before, but nothing too brutal.”

“I see.” Mizar said. “Fair enough. Must be a tough job.”

“Seems dope to me, but you’re probably right, blood. FYI, better than some of your previous jobs.”

Mizar chuckled. “Yes, you’re right. I just thank my lucky stars I’m on Void. No money, no currency, all jobs being voluntary… we took a lot of inspiration from Earth, but thank God we changed all the bits that didn’t work.”

“Word.” Saiph replied, making the peace sign with his fingers. “Still trying to popularise the righteous slang of the 90s. Ain’t working out, though, brah.”

“Mm.” Mizar murmured, staring down at the stage.

Saiph saw the pensive look on his face.

“What’s up, homey?”

“Ngh.” Mizar replied. “I’m just feeling a bit… annoyed, I guess, at Faf. Putting on a show when she knows that this Antumbra figure is coming and inviting me when she knows that I’ve got to focus on dealing with that problem. As if she doesn’t really care.”

“Shut up.”

“Huh?” Mizar replied, staring at Saiph’s cold eyes.

“Don’t ever tell me that Fafnir doesn’t care. Fafnir loves Void and everyone in it, especially y- her friends. Do you want to know the reason she’s putting on this show? She didn’t really want to, but I told her to. All she’s ever wanted to do is put a smile on your fucking face and cheer you up after all this Antumbra bullshit got you down, and regardless of how many Voidians show up tonight, the only audience in her eyes is you. She’d take a sword through the fucking gut if she thought it would lift your mood, so don’t ever tell me again that she doesn’t care.”

Mizar was silent, staring at Saiph. Suddenly, the colour returned to Saiph’s cheeks and his eyes lit up once more. “But no matter, bro. S’cool now, and by the looks of it, this show is starting! Dank!”

“Yeah.” Mizar replied as he watched Fafnir walk onto the stage, accompanied by thunderous applause. Her eyes scouted him out and she winked, before turning back to her audience and beginning the show.

“Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind. Are we all alright tonight?”

The audience gave a cheer in reply, but Mizar could do nothing but stare, Saiph’s words echoing in his head.

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