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Cause [1.3.7]

“What?!” yelled Mizar. He dashed over to Cassie’s wrist phone and read the terrible message for himself. “They’re gone? Raziel’s dead?!”

“…I’m afraid so.” Cassie replied. She quivered under Mizar’s panicked rage.

Mizar remained standing over her for a few moments, breathing in and out slowly. In that instant, Rana could see that Mizar had not been sleeping much recently, if at all. He looked haggard and bags hung heavily over his leaden eyelids. Even animated by worry and fear, as he was now, he couldn’t overcome his drained expression.

“Mizar, what are we going to do?” asked Fafnir.

“Fafnir. Lola. Come with me.” Mizar replied. “We’re going after them.”

“What?” Rana replied in confusion. Geoffrey, Cassie, Saiph and Rana were all looking perplexed, and Mizar sighed.

“Look, we need to get those kids back. But if we want these guys to also be ready to fight Eidolon, we need to train them. Rana, Saiph; that’s your job. Turn them into warriors, and protect them from the Officials.”

“That makes sense.” Cassie replied. Lola glanced at Mizar. “Why am I going, though?”

“Your telepathy will come in useful.” Mizar replied.

“That being said…” Cassie interjected. She attracted the attention of the room. “What’s to stop Geoffrey, now with control over his bilocation, from bilocating over to Zack and Serafina and bringing them back?”

“Can’t risk it.” Rana said. “The Reaches is a dangerous place, and using teleportation-”

“Bilocation.” Geoffrey cut in.

Bilocation,” replied Rana through gritted teeth. “Could have disastrous consequences. Better to travel through physically.”

“Alright.” Lola said. “We going?”

“We certainly are! Let’s go!” replied Fafnir excitedly, leaping up and running for the door.

“It’ll take an hour or two to walk to the edge of Void. After that, it might be a day or so before we actually encounter the kids. So… yeah, should be back in two days or so.” Mizar said to Rana, calculating in his head.

“Sounds good.” Rana said.

“A’ight! Now we can all dip and get on with our lives!” announced Saiph. Rana sighed and whispered “Take me with you” to Mizar, who chuckled. “Just for a few days, Rana. Train these two.”

“Will do. Good luck, Mizar. Stay safe.”

“I will.” Mizar replied. With a curt nod to Fafnir and Lola, and hand gripping tightly onto his sword hilt, Mizar exited the apartment.

It took about half an hour to leave Void’s populated area behind. The apartment buildings, shops, palace and Citadel fell behind them as Mizar, Lola and Fafnir walked. They’d stopped by a shop to get some supplies, and they had enough for the journey ahead.

Lola opened her wrist phone and began to type a message to Zack. She stared at it for a moment and realised that she had no idea what to say to him. Warn him of the imminent danger? Worry about his safety? Tell him that his telekinesis was stronger outside the universe?

She stared, deleted the message, and remained silent. Mizar walked with purpose, but his eyes and long dark hair made him look wild and tired. Fafnir, meanwhile, looked positively cheery, but she remained silent, as if respecting Mizar’s wish for a quiet trip.

They walked on, and in the distance, there was no sign of the edge of Void just yet.

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