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Cause [1.5.8]

Cassil had given up her island long ago. With the memories of Raziel burned into her mind, and her single goal, her mind was focussed like the point of a spear, and the Reaches could do nothing to shift her focus.

Walking, trudging and running through the mire over the process of a few hours, Cassil had managed to find the island in question. She had slowly followed it through the Reaches, with her concentration slipping at very brief moments; step by step, making progress, gaining on it.

Raziel’s spear was held tightly in one hand, and her own spear was strapped to her back, and she was drinking water regularly: Cassil was ready for a conflict. Raziel’s death would not go forgotten, lost in the annals of history. She refused to let that happen.

“Lost one.” murmured Yasen as she spotted another figure. Kushel turned in surprise.

“So there is.” he replied, standing up and wielding his spear. He took a few steps forward, and stopped, turning slowly. “Why is it not screaming?”

There was no scream accompanying the figure, and it didn’t seem to have any limb abnormalities. Before the pair could wonder further, the figure released a yell and charged, thundering across the Reaches towards the island.

Kushel stepped forward and stabbed, but lightly, because he was unsure of what the thing was. Cassil rolled out of the way with ease, reaching the base of the island and charging at Yasen with a scream. Their spears clashed and they began to duel.

Zack and Serafina came awake at roughly the same time as they heard the commotion. Immediately, Serafina was up and ready, whilst Zack yawned, not fully awake yet. Kushel held his hand out to them with a command: “Don’t intervene! This is dangerous!”

He moved forward to try and help Yasen, but Cassil kicked out at him as she blocked Yasen’s thrust, and Kushel stumbled backwards, caught off-guard. Yasen thrusted three times in quick succession, and Cassil evaded two – the third one glanced off her breastplate.

“Who are you?” yelled Yasen, visibly confused.

“I’m Cassil! And you killed Raziel!”

Their spears met again and they both jumped back, circling around each other slowly on the summit of the island. Zack turned to Kushel. “So, my friends were right. You aren’t Raziel at all!”

Kushel’s face turned to anguish. “Yasen knew what she was doing. I just… I had to aid her trick.”

The girls continued their fight. Cassil, despite being less accomplished in combat, had taken Yasen completely by surprise and was thus at the advantage. She deflected Yasen’s next blow and struck back with one of her own. As she prepared to thrust her spear through Yasen’s armour, Kushel ran up to the centre of the island to help.

There was a blast of flame, and he turned to see Serafina blocking his way with a wall of fire. “No interventions until we get the truth!”

Zack nodded. “Thanks, Fin.” He ran up to the centre of the island as Yasen leapt to one side in a desperate escape from Cassil’s stabs. With a screech of rage, Cassil went to follow up, and Zack ran in front of her, knocking her down.

“Well done, Zack!” Yasen called. He picked up one of the backpacks psychically and hurled it at her. She glared at him, betrayed.

“Nobody is stabbing anybody until we know what’s happening.”

There was a moment of silence, and Cassil let her spear drop. Zack clambered off her, and Serafina lowered the flames, allowing Kushel to join the group. Yasen let her spear drop, staring at Cassil, distrustful.

She was right to be. As soon as everyone had stopped, Cassil punched Zack in the face, knocking him out of the way, then picked up her spear. Just as she was about to run at Yasen, Kushel lumbered in and placed his spear in front of her head, holding it next to her neck.

“Make another move, and it will be your last.” Kushel replied. Zack, nursing his jaw, sat, but did not stand up. Yasen strode over to Cassil, but had to jump back as the girl kicked out at her.

“Dammit! What the hell is your problem?”

“You are.” Cassil hissed. With another kick, she managed to wriggle out of Kushel’s chokehold and go for Yasen. Zack picked up another backpack and psychically hurled it between the two girls – Cassil’s spear hit the bag and Yasen breathed a sigh of relief.


Everyone on the island stopped, wondering who the voice was. It was nobody on the island itself, but as they turned, they saw three figures in lilac armour, blades in hand, stood on another island that was just passing by. The figure who had spoken was Alcor, and he led his group onto the island.

“I am the Head of Officials on Void, Alcor, and I demand silence! Now, can anyone explain what is happening here?”

Zack and Serafina observed proceedings with absolutely no idea what to do or say.

Kushel volunteered. “Myself and Yasen were accompanying these human children into the Reaches to find the Universe Seed, when we were accosted moments ago by Cassil. She has attempted to seriously wound Yasen.”

“That’s true,” Caroli said, strolling through the strange tableau. “Though, is it not also true that Yasen seriously wounded someone on Zion, and is technically on the run?”

“Yes.” Cassil replied. “She murdered Raziel.”

“Then who the fuck is this?” asked Zack. “He’s been calling himself Raziel this whole time, and apparently that’s a lie!”

“My name is Kushel.”

Serafina allowed flames to dance around her wrists, clicking and popping. “I hate liars.” she murmured.

“So, Kushel, you’re abetting this murder, are you?”

“Murder…” Kushel replied. “I am unsure as to why that word is being bandied about. Yasen informed me herself that she arrested Raziel. No murder occurred.”

He smiled with a blithe confidence at the Voidian Officials, and slowly, every turned to face Yasen, who had tears in her eyes.

“Yasen.” Kushel said. “No, Yasen, please tell me you did not-”

“…I’m sorry, Kushel.” Yasen said, her head hanging limp in defeat. “Like I said earlier… it’d disappoint you.”

“So you lied too!” said Zack. “Unbelievable – who here can we trust?”

“We looked after you!” spat Yasen. “We could’ve done what we were originally planning on doing – killing you as soon as you arrived!”

“Nobody was planning on undertaking such an act!” Kushel boomed.

“No, but impersonating a dead person, that’s fine, isn’t it?!” Serafina snarled.

“STOP!” roared Alcor. He nodded at Situla and Caroli, who moved over and grabbed the two children. They did not take it well.

“Hey, get off me!” Zack said. Serafina struggled silently, her shades hiding her fearful eyes.

“Let go of the children – they’ve done nothing wrong.” Yasen replied. Cassil held her arm around Yasen’s throat.

Alcor, meanwhile, pointed his blade at Cassil. “Regardless of your noble intent, I will have to arrest you if you attempt to harm an Official. Move that arm, and I will incapacitate you.”

Kushel held his spear loosely at his side and looked at Alcor pointedly. “I cannot allow citizens of Zion to come to harm. If you incapacitate, you do it nonviolently – I will fight to protect her.”

“And if any of you fucks,” panted Serafina, struggling against Caroli. “Do anything, I swear I will set myself on fire.”

Caroli looked at Alcor. “Sorry, did she say she can set herself on fire?”

“Do you want to find out?” smirked Serafina.

The group stood there, in a silent stalemate, unsure of where to go from here.

That is, until another island moved close enough, with three familiar figures sat on it.

“What in the name of Metatron is even happening here?” Mizar asked.

Cause [1.5.7]
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