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Cause [1.5.9]

Cassie, with the sword safely on the other side of the room, was asleep by the time Rana and Geoffrey returned. Saiph was watching something quietly on the viewport, and he raised a hand as they entered.

“Hey.” murmured Rana. “Is… is she alright?”

“Found this chica kipping on the floor, so I set her on the sofa.”

Geoffrey, too tired from the fighting to talk much, placed the knife on the table and slumped on the floor beside Cassie’s sleeping form. It took him a few minutes to regain his breath.

“You were hella harsh with her earlier. She doesn’t take that kind of thing well.”

“I regretted it as soon as I said it.” Rana replied, standing awkwardly in the hub room without moving. Her eyes noticed something near the wall. “Is that her sword?”

Geoffrey glanced over. “Seems like it. She probably threw it over there in anger.”

“Probably.” Rana replied.

Saiph shrugged. “She needs her sleep. Gotta get lots of rest to look that freaking fly all the time.”

“Good fucking lord, Saiph, can you not think with your sigil for once?”

“His what?” Geoffrey asked. Rana squirmed as she realised what she’d said.

“We Voidians and Zionids don’t have genitalia… we, um, just have sigils down there. The King draws our psychic power from, um, there, but they also denote gender.”

Geoffrey nodded. “Jesus. I’m gonna stop asking questions immediately.”


They sat there for a short while, watching whatever planet Saiph was viewing. Geoffrey quickly realised it was New York on Earth, and with a little more watching, that it was the 90s. Absolutely typical.

“Why does everything feel so slow? We’ve arrived, and it was super exciting, but now it’s just been training for a few days now.” Geoffrey asked.

“It’s the calm before the storm, I assure you. Besides, things might be slow for you, but I’m sure they’re not for those out in the Reaches. Speaking of, I haven’t heard from Mizar today. This is vexing.” Rana said, tapping on her wrist phone.

“They’re gonna be alright, right?” asked Geoffrey. “My bro Zack is out there. Joseph’s safe, I’m safe, Cass is safe… the others are in danger, man.”

“Mizar has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. But he’ll bear it. I’m sure.” Rana said. She wasn’t sure.

Saiph grinned lazily, keeping his eyes glued to the screen. “Come on, homeslice, believe in your man Mizar. It’s all good so long as he stays focussed on his goal.”

“Yeah.” Rana replied, her mouth dry. “I might go on a walk later.”

Little else changed over the next hour. Rana worried, Saiph watched the viewport, and Geoffrey checked his wrist phone periodically, expecting a message from one of his friends but never receiving one.

Cause [1.5.8]
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