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Cause [2.1.1]


The Reaches was a strange place. Anyone who had walked it knew that much. The way the entire dimension twisted and writhed as if in pain, the colourful oceans coating every inch of the area as small islands of relative stability sailed through, unbothered by the lost ones that wandered their eternal prison; above it all, the growing black void grew further, threatening the arrival of destruction incarnate with each minuscule increase in size.

Many people now found themselves in the Reaches, all originating from different and unique walks of life. There were three in particular who were not like the others, presently attempting to set up a tent. The first of these was Zack Lyons, a black-haired, somewhat apathetic young man who possessed the power of telekinesis. He was currently straining hard as he used his power to keep the tent aloft whilst two girls pushed pegs into the ground.

One of the girls was wearing dark sunglasses, her light hair hanging below her shoulders. She adjusted her denim jacket as she shoved a peg into the muted ground that the island was made from. Her power was pyrokinesis – just as fiery as her own personality. The other girl had dark hair and striking makeup, giving her a gothic look. Her psychic ability was telepathy.

There were several other tents being erected across the island. Several Zionids were attempting to put one up, though they did not have Zack’s telekinesis to help them, and so were struggling to figure out precisely what to do. These Zionids were Yasen, Kushel, Levan and Harrut, otherwise known as the Officials. They were part of the policing force of Zion and as such had been tasked with preventing universal destruction from the coming threat, Antumbra.

The other Zionid in the group, Cassil, flatly refused to share a tent with Yasen, and instead was helping Mizar and Fafnir set up their tent. Mizar was a lithe male Voidian with large bags under his eyes and a constant frown on his face. Fafnir and Cassil were engaging in quiet discussion as they untied the guy ropes; about what, nobody knew.

Zionids and Voidians had grey skin, giving them a distinct difference to the human children in their care. The Zionids also had gold armour and spears, whereas the Voidians tended to wear dark purple armour and more often than not wielded swords, though Fafnir was not wearing any kind of armour, nor was she armed.

The Voidian Officials were also setting up a tent, close to the Zionid Officials’ tent. The Officials present were Denneb, the brash and overconfident studier of history; Alcor, the very definition of fragile masculinity; Caroli, expert impressionist and Situla, the hopelessly romantic writer of the lewdest of fiction. Despite their differences, they were a strong group of friends and an effective team of Officials.

The humans finished putting up their tent and promptly went inside. Lola made a mental note to thank Yasen for lending them the tent from her pack.

She looked at her friends, who looked tired and ready for rest, and felt a surge of joy at being able to spend time with them in person.

Then the joy faded, and thoughts of rage and blood flooded into her mind.

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