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Cause [2.1.2]

Once the tents were up, virtually all of the people on the island jointly decided it was time to rest; the day had been a tiring and stressful one for all. Though most Zionid and Voidian helmets had a sleep mode where a visor would descend, covering the eyes, it was uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time; sleep masks were far more convenient, and there was one in every backpack.

Lola, feeling ill at ease, slid into her sleeping bag and remained there, staring at the canvas ceiling of the tent. Her mind felt blank.

“You alright?” asked Zack.

She nodded. “Yeah. Just tired.”

Zack and Serafina shrugged at one another and sat beside Lola. They were virtually alone together for the first time, and yet nobody could bring themselves to speak. Eventually, Zack broke the silence.

“So… we’re all here now. Firstly, we should let the others know we’re OK.” Zack said.

Lola nodded, bringing up her wrist phone.

“Things are easier, at least.” Serafina said, cutting into the silence. “If they’re right, we’re only here to fight one King. Six versus one? I think we’re good. Especially with my powers!”

“Yeah, true.” Zack replied.


Group Chat [Epi-Universal King Killing Committee] [Zack , Lola , Joseph , Cassie , Geoffrey , Serafina ]

Hey, what the hell was wrong with the old chat name? “Snapple Bottom Jeans” had class and vigour, unlike this new one. LZ 

GS are you fucking serious

Meh, not really. Also, for those of you back home – I’m with Zack and Serafina. LZ 

ZL Can confirm, we’re all safe and sound.

CJ It warms my heart to hear that.


Serafina looked up at Zack as Cassie’s message came in. She could hardly imagine how worried she must’ve been about Zack. The one you loved always worried you when you weren’t certain of their safety. She refrained from messaging, content to just read the chat and listen to Zack and Lola when they spoke. Lola glanced at her, a curious look in her eyes.

“Hey, do you think the Zionids and Voidians will have warned the people back home about the changes to the plan?” asked Zack. Lola shrugged.

“I’m not sure. Might be good to check with these guys.”


JC you’re up? i thought you were asleep, cass.

CJ I just woke. I foresaw this conversation; I could hardly miss it. And yes, I know, Lola.

Does everyone now know what the new plan is, by the way? LZ 

Oh jeez, Cass, don’t pre-empt me like that. LZ 

GS not the fucking foggiest tbh

ZL It’s pretty simple. We’re with the other Zionids and Voidians, and we’re going to find the incubator and the Universe Seed in the Reaches. Not 100% on what those actually are, but apparently they’re important.

JC the universe seed can create a new universe in the right conditions, and it needs to be put inside the incubator at the right time.

ZL Ah, OK. Once we’ve secured those, I’m pretty sure we’re heading to Void to fight the Voidian King.


Lola yawned. She shifted uncomfortably as Zack’s elbow pressed down on her feet.

“Sorry.” he muttered, moving his arms and granting Lola some room. “Pretty cramped for space here, aren’t we?”

“I swear Yasen said these tents were 4-man.” sighed Serafina. “Zack, you’re sleeping in the other area.”

Zack glanced back at the other part of the tent. It was split in two – two people each could potentially squeeze into the unforgivably small spaces to sleep, but it would be tight.

“Well, yes, I figured as much. But we’re not going to sleep right now, are we?”

Lola placed a hand on Zack’s arm. The touch was strange, almost alien; the pair had only met in real life once before, despite their status as best friends.

“I’m sorry, Zack. I really wanted to catch up with you guys, but with all the stress and travelling, I’m tired out. Let’s rest a bit and be at our best tomorrow, right?”

“Right.” Zack said. “Yeah. No worries.”


JC vasa was just talking about that. he was half-considering sending me into the Reaches to go over to Void, but he’s not sure.

GS yes lads void party here we go

CJ Tell Vasa to let you remain. I have foreseen something… do not tell the Zionids or Voidians yet. But I do not believe Vasa when he says we can get through this without fighting the Zionid King.

GS what a spoilsport

ZL At least we’re all caught up now. We’re going to sleep now, so we’ll talk to you guys later.

CJ Rest well.

JC night guys.


With the conversation done, Zack went into the other part of the tent and zipped up the opening connecting the two areas. He didn’t undress fully, electing to keep his t-shirt and underpants on, but removing his jeans and wrist phone. The minute his eyes closed, he felt a wave of happiness pass over him, only then becoming aware of how tired he had been; even without a sleep mask, the lights of the Reaches outside the tent were not enough to disturb his slumber.

Lola’s eyes were open. As Serafina lay beside her, about to sleep, Lola sent her a message.


I read your mind. Sorry, it’s just kind of automatic at this point. LZ 

SG uh thats kind of invasive isnt it??

Sorry, sorry. It was just the look you had on your face… is Cassie into Zack? LZ


Serafina sat up and smirked at Lola as she typed her next message.


SG i guess theres no point hiding it.

SG yeah! She is, but keep it on the downlow ok??

Of course. I had no idea, though… I assume Zack doesn’t know? LZ 

SG no he doesnt have a clue!! Which makes cass kinda sad sometimes!!

Yeah. Zack’s dense like that. LZ 

As far as I know he thinks of her in the same way as me – really good friends. LZ 

SG yeah.

SG anyway! We should sleep, if it’s all the same to you??

Yeah, sorry, I just wanted to know for sure. Thanks for filling me in. LZ 

Night, Fin. LZ 

SG gn gal!!


Serafina removed her shades, putting them beside her. The two girls smiled at one another, put on their sleep masks, and lay down together. Lola had presumed that it would be strange to sleep in a tent with Serafina, but there was something comforting about someone else’s warmth being so near. Feeling protected, Lola slipped into a restful sleep.

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