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Cause [2.1.3]

The children had decided to sleep, but once the tents were up and ready, the Zionids and Voidians gathered one last time at Mizar’s behest. Some had refused to show, like Cassil, but the majority were there, sitting in the bright colours and desperately wishing the black spot in the sky could make the Reaches less aggressive on the eyes when it was, according to their body clocks, time to rest.

“I know nobody really wants to be here anymore, but there is one last thing we have to discuss.” Mizar said. “The kids aren’t like us. Whilst we are anti-psychic beings that the Kings could kill with a snap of their fingers, the kids are psychic and therefore immune to the Kings’ own psychic powers. If we need the kids to defeat Eidolon, they are going to have to be ready for combat. Were Zack and Serafina trained whilst they were out here, you two?”

“I instructed them in basic spear techniques, but only the bare minimum to deal with lost ones. They’ll need far more experience if they are, well, to fight King Eidolon himself.” Yasen replied.

Kushel nodded in agreement. Alcor intervened.

“I say! The more those kids believe in themselves and apply themselves to their studies, the more their pure heroism will shine through and then, Eidolon will stand no chance!”

“Good fucking grief, Al, do you ever say anything that doesn’t sound like preachy bullshit?” sighed Situla with a smirk.

“He has a point.” Denneb replied. “How well did the kids apply themselves to the training? We don’t know how much time we have until Antumbra arrives, so their natural talent with the spear will be key to their victory.”

“I would hasten to add that I have not observed all of their training.” Kushel said. “But from what I have seen, the young girl, Serafina, is fairly adept with a spear. However, her excessive psychic power allows her to use flames; a far more effective solution than any mere weapon.”

“I’d agree. With powers as potent as you claim, she has no need to learn any more than the basics, does she?”

“Not really.” Mizar said. “What about Zack?” He yawned and rubbed his eyelids with one hand. Sat beside him, at the entrance to their tent, Fafnir watched him with something akin to worry in her eyes.

“Less able.” Yasen replied. “It’s harsh to say, but he wasn’t picking it up as fast as his friend. His psychic power seems strong, but too strong for him; he isn’t able to control it as well as she can yet. I cannot see how he would readily apply it to combat. He said himself that he cannot psychically move objects that people are holding.”

“I see.” Mizar replied. “So Zack’s telekinesis won’t help him in combat, and he’s not as good as Serafina? How good would you say he is, then?”

“If he trained with me for six hours every day for the next week, he would still die in combat with King Eidolon.”

Mizar nodded with concern on his countenance. “…Right.”

Alcor and Denneb, who had been murmuring quietly to each other, now looked up.

“I’ll think on it overnight. We can sort this out tomorrow.” Mizar said. “Everyone, get some rest. It’s going to be difficult to work together, but we do not have a choice if we wish to defeat Antumbra. Everyone is relying on us to find the Universe Seed and the incubator.”

“And you’re leading this expedition, huh?” Denneb asked.

Mizar looked genuinely surprised as he glanced at the group of Zionids and Voidians looking at him.

“He is a relatively competent leader from what I have seen.” Kushel said. “I believe it will be of paramount importance that the leader of this journey is not an Official, nor should they be too beholden to one plan or another.”

“Mizar’s eyes are like rockets, focussed on the goal and not the manner or route we use to navigate the asteroid field that is defeating Antumbra.” Harrut said, smiling.

“…I…” Mizar replied. Suddenly, he wished that Raziel was here, to the point that his heart genuinely ached deep in his chest. His best friend. Raziel would know what to do in this position. But Raziel was not here, and in his absence, a leader was needed. “I’ll do it. I can’t promise to be the best leader, but I can promise that I will see this universe saved, regardless of how.”

“We can’t ask for more than that.” Levan said.

“Everyone rest. See you tomorrow morning.” Mizar replied, placing a broken watch in the centre of the island. Slowly, the assorted group made their way to their tents, talking quietly amongst themselves. Mizar turned to Fafnir, who was still sat at the entrance to their tent.

“You get some sleep too, champ.” she said.

“What, no snarky joke?”

“People believe a comedian’s talent is turning any situation into a funny one.” Fafnir replied. “I’ve always felt differently. A comedian’s talent is timing – knowing when the situation demands comedy, and more importantly, knowing when it doesn’t.”

Mizar and Fafnir crawled into the tent, taking care not to wake the sleeping Cassil. Having driven her body to the limit in her incredible walk to the Reaches, her exhausted form had not so much fallen asleep as it had shut down entirely.

“Thank you, Faf.”

Fafnir followed Mizar inside and began to remove her helmet and outward armour, preparing to rest. Mizar entered the other part of the tent, which he had to himself.

“Anytime, Miz.” Fafnir replied. “Goodnight, o brave and glorious leader.”

“Ah, there’s the snark.” smiled Mizar, closing up his side of the tent. “Goodnight.”

Within minutes, the island was quiet as almost every occupant slept.

Sleep did not come easily to Mizar. Resigning himself to another night of fitful, terrible dreams and constant wakefulness, he decided to make himself useful and send a message to Rana, letting her know what had transpired.


Mi you up?

You’re lucky, was just about to go to sleep Ra

What’s up Ra

Mi just wanted to let you know what happened.

Mi we have the kids. bit of a problem with the officials and cassil and stuff, but generally we have a plan and everyone is on board.

Oh good Ra

When will you be back Ra

Mi we’re gonna go find the universe seed and the incubator, so could be a week or so at least.

Mi sorry.

Don’t worry Ra

This stuff is important Ra

I’ll keep training the kids I have and we’ll be ready when you get back Ra

Mi thank you, Rana.

Just make sure that everyone’s interpersonal bullshit is sorted Ra

Or at least ignored in favour of saving the universe Ra

Mi no problem. thanks for the advice.

Alright g’night Ra

Mi night. talk soon.


He stared at his wrist phone for a few more moments as the screen went dark through inactivity. Letting his eyes droop closed, he laid down and placed a sleep mask on, waiting for the shadows in his dreams to torture him once more.

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Cause [2.1.4]

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