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Cause [2.2.1]

The message was chilling. Zack immediately responded to what Cassie had said.


Cassie? What are the details of what you saw? ZL

CJ Blood will be spilled – there’s a Zionid, with two spears, walking towards a tent. But that’s all I have. I apologise.

That’s more than enough. I think I know who you mean. ZL


Cassil, he thought. She evidently is still planning to do what she came here to do.


CJ I’m glad. I’m pleased you saw my message in time, anyway…

Yeah, of course. ZL

CJ Weren’t you training?

Uh. Yeah. ZL

I… pulled a bit of a tantrum, I guess. ZL

CJ That’s unlike you. What happened?

Turns out the Zionids and Voidians don’t think I have the skills to deal with the king. I’m not picking it up as quickly as Fin. ZL

CJ I see. You know, I’ve been much the same. And yet, I don’t think that’s a problem.

I probably overreacted. What do you mean, not a problem? ZL

CJ Geoffrey is far stronger than I. Lola has a gun. But that does not make me useless – my power is what will help us. My future vision is already going to save one life tonight.

That’s true. Do you think my telekinesis will help? I’ve been training it, but I’m not sure I can really do anything with it, you know? ZL


Zack lay back and stared at the canvas ceiling of the tent. He could hear talking outside, but blocked it out. His mind was racing. Ever since he’d been summoned to Zion, he’d felt out of his depth. Lost and confused, wondering how so much could exist outside his universe, and why he of all people should be privy to it.

Not just privy to it, but charged with defending it, and the rest of the universe, from destruction. It was like something out of a zany anime show. He let out a long exhalation and went back to the conversation with Cassie.


CJ Keep honing your power. And keep training. You may yet catch up to Serafina. Raziel picked us six because we’re special… somehow. I don’t know what he saw in you, but it must have been something truly great.

CJ You’re a great man.

I’m no man, Cass. A man wouldn’t have had that little tantrum, and he would’ve gone out to apologise. ZL

CJ You will apologise, given time. I’ve seen it.

…Good to know. Thanks, Cass. You’re a real friend. ZL

CJ I care a great deal about you.

Glad to hear it. Right, I guess I should sort some stuff then. ZL

Talk to you later? ZL

CJ Anytime. Goodbye for now.


Flicking his eyes away from his wrist phone, Zack glanced at the exit of the tent. He made a move to open it up and exit, but immediately stopped again. He had something important to do first.


Hey. ZL

I have a warning. ZL

Ya Hm? Aren’t you sulking in your tent?

My friend Cassie has seen the future. Cassil. Tonight. She’s going to kill you. ZL

Ya …I see.

Ya Why are you warning me?

So you can get away! ZL

Ya Well, yes, I’m aware of that, but WHY me? I thought you hated me.

I won’t lie, I am pretty hurt that you and that other guy lied to us. But… everyone’s just trying to save the universe, right? Even if it’s not in the right way. ZL

You killed Raziel. We can’t undo that, though… and I’d rather not see more bloodshed. ZL

I don’t wanna be an accessory to murder. So can you just accept that I’m doing a nice thing? ZL

Ya Thank you, Zack. I won’t lie to you, either – I didn’t want to stick around anyway. I do not want you to defeat King Eidolon. He may not be my king, but he is still a ruler.

Ya I have a great respect for the Kings of Zion and Void. If this plan to save the universe requires us to defeat King Eidolon, fine… but I WON’T be complicit.

I get you. So, uh… yeah. ZL

Ya Your message was heard loud and clear. I’ll be gone tonight.


Zack nodded. Was that the right thing?

He wasn’t certain. But he did know that he had to be more mature if he was going to survive in this world. With that thought held firmly in his mind, he exited the tent and walked up to the group, who were all sitting around, listening to Denneb talk. They fell silent as he approached.

“I won’t say much.” Zack muttered. “Not good at this whole thing. But I’m sorry. And if you are all still willing to teach me the spear, I’m still willing to learn.”

“Zack, nobody here is unwilling to teach you.” Mizar said. “Come sit with us. We’re listening to Denneb’s stories.”

Zack couldn’t help but let a smile cross his face as the group shifted around to accommodate him. He sat beside Lola, squeezing her hand in a quick gesture of apology, and Yasen. Yasen turned to him and gave him a curt nod. He nodded back.

There’s still time to make a difference.

Cause [2.1.10]
Cause [2.2.2]

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