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Cause [2.2.3]

Though there was no visible indicator of nightfall in the Reaches, a natural wave of tiredness began to hit the assorted figures. Slowly, they all made their excuses and went to their tents, leaving just Mizar and Fafnir sat outside, watching the endless mire of the Reaches slide past as their island sailed on.

Mizar yawned.

“Tired as always?” said Fafnir, giving Mizar a lazy grin.

“Yeah, but…” Mizar murmured. “It feels different. I feel tired enough to actually sleep. Like… I earned my rest? I don’t know. Does that make sense?”

“It’s been a busy time.” Fafnir replied, gesturing to the tents around. “It makes sense that you’ve actually worn yourself out. You usually don’t put this much effort into things.”


Fafnir giggled. “I’m kidding, Miz. You’re doing good. Get some sleep, alright?”

“Yeah.” Mizar said, standing up and beginning to walk to his tent. “You too. Come on, we need to be our best for tomorrow.”

They entered the tent in relative silence, but as Mizar laid down and closed his eyes, for the first time in many days, he felt a soft sleep overtake him, and quietly entered the realm of dreams.

Across the camp, everyone lay resting in their tents, except for one.


“GAH.” Zack yelped, sitting up and slapping the figure in the shadows beside him.

“Ow, jeez!” the figure said.

Zack’s eyes adjusted to the gloom slowly and he tilted his head in confusion.


“Yeah, man.” Geoffrey replied, nursing his cheek. “Sorry for surprising you; didn’t realise you were going to get all violent.”

“Is that Geoffrey I hear?” a voice on the other side of the tent said. The flap unzipped and Lola and Serafina poked their heads through.

“Hey, gals!” Geoffrey said, waving. “I gotta keep quiet, since I’m not supposed to be here. But I thought I’d send my other self to come see you guys whilst my body sleeps.”

“Nice to see you!” Serafina said, smiling. Zack nodded.

“Yeah, man, thanks for dropping by. Good to see a friendly face for once.”

“So, how are things going over here?” Geoffrey asked.

Zack averted his eyes, and Lola shrugged.

“Uh, not too bad. The training has been tough, but I think we’re making progress. Didn’t Mizar say we’re very close to the area where the incubator is supposed to be?”

“Something like that, yeah.” Zack replied.

“Nice!” Geoffrey said. “Things are cool back on Void, too. Mostly just me training hard and being a cool guy, and Cassie’s doin’ fine. But I’ve also been exploring the place when I get the chance!”

“Well, you do love to travel.” Serafina said, smiling. “And I’d hazard a guess that this is the most exotic locale we’ve ever visited!”

“Keep it down, remember.” murmured Lola.

“Well, do you wanna play a card game or something?” Geoffrey suggested. “After being slapped silly, I’m feeling wide awake.”

“True. I’m not gonna get to sleep for a while anyway. Let’s do it!” Serafina replied. Zack nodded, and began to search his backpack for a set of cards.

Over the next few hours, the children enjoyed several games, with Serafina and Geoffrey being fiercely competitive as usual whilst Zack and Lola taught them a few games they’d not played before. Eventually, though, tiredness began to hit the group, and Geoffrey had to bid them goodbye, his body vanishing without a trace.

As calm slumber overcame everyone on the island, her eyes opened.

She sat up. Grabbed her spear. Exited her tent.

Walked slowly across the island. Opened another tent.

Searched for her.

Did not find her.

Cassil stared at the vacant spot in the Voidian Officials’ tent where Yasen was supposed to be. She gripped her spear tightly and flew out of the tent in a rage. In the distance, on an island sailing back the way they had come, she could see a figure.


Eyes set on her target, Cassil leapt off the edge of the island and began to wade through the mire of the Reaches, the colours parting around her almost willingly.

Cause [2.2.2]
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