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Cause [2.3.1]

Things were about to begin.

They’ve already begun.

Antumbra observed the universe, cradled between the two dimensions of Zion and Void. The muddled Reaches broiled around it, but never crossed the boundary. 

Boundaries… made to be breached. Made to be adhered to. Made to protect.

Antumbra continued to muse on the creation whilst listening to the writer’s commentary. Every word, typed out, written to continue this strange story. It was all so interesting.

It is. Your work has been an accurate depiction of the events thus far.

Antumbra knew all that was going to happen. He we



I have no pronouns. Gender is beneath me now. I am Antumbra, and that is all I can be referred to as.

The writer, in his apology, continued his writing, taking great pains to refer to Antumbra accurately.

Thank you. Now then… events may have already begun, but this next part… this is the brutal part. The interesting part. The special part.

Antumbra knew what was to come. Antumbra knew all. The incubator was soon to be discovered, and the power to destroy Antumbra would be found within. And yet… it was not quite yet.

First… the emotions. The alliances. The romance.

Lola and Serafina had found one another. But theirs was not the only relationship that would be forged in these few hours prior to reaching the Incubator.

Hopes will be dashed, though.

Hopes will be dashed. The search for love is a bitter one.

Cause [2.2.10]

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