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Cause: End of Arc I Update

With Cause 1.5.13, we have reached the end of Arc I. There are two Arcs remaining, but I will be taking a three week break from Cause. To those who have not read Cause, this should be ample time to start reading it in time for the beginning of Arc II. I sincerely hope that if you have the time, you will take the chance to read Cause and enjoy it.

To those who have read Cause up to this point, I am very thankful for your support and I am working to make Arc II fulfil your expectations and exceed Arc I in every way.

Cause 2.1.1 will be released on 7th August 2018 at the same time as always: 20:00 GMT. I hope to see you all then.

Cause Update Schedule Has Changed
Site Overview, June 2019

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