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Zero In Charisma #4 – A Memorial For Arthur Mug

In today’s episode, three ordinary people and a cat named Garfield (of no relation to Garfield) find themselves trapped in a mysterious clock tower. Soon, they realise that only magic cards with powers over space, time, and keeping corridors well-lit will help them escape.

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Zero In Charisma #3 – Crutch Stats And Mushroom Madness

In today’s episode, a group of Rogue Hunters set off in search of a terrifying prey, but soon get distracted when they elect to throw a party for a skull that they encounter on their travels. But who can they really trust, deep in the mushroom forests of Noontide?

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Zero In Charisma #2 – I Really Like Beds

In today’s episode, a young DM and his friend who is not like other girls attempt to rob an IKEA at the behest of their mysterious benefactor, but things soon spiral out of control as it becomes less and less clear who is actually running this session.

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Zero In Charisma #1 – There Are, In Fact, Warm Seals

In this pilot, join the luckless fishermen Bovril, Fred and Carp as they sail out to catch ‘the Big One’, and somehow, along the way, end up murdering several dogs, carving a mech suit out of wood, and discovering the secret island known as the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

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