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Silhouette Clothing Index

[Note: All Silhouette Clothing has the same drawback – consuming the user’s body and mind in an irreversible transformation.]

  • [I] Cursed Coat
    Formation: Trench Coat + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: User’s strength increases drastically based on their inner hate
    Notable Users: Vello
  • [IV] Paranoia Gown
    Formation: Dressing Gown + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: Turns nearby objects into sentient monsters
    Notable Users: Miutan
  • [XI] Killing Machine Top
    Formation: Tank Top + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: Gives user a metal body with bombs, missiles and guns galore
    Notable Users: The Finisher
  • [XIV] Collapsing Sweater
    Formation: Jumper + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: User is swallowed by sticky goo that can be launched and controlled
    Notable Users: Ledraun
  • [XV] Drowned Shirt
    Formation: Shirt + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: User’s body is stabbed with dark spears that can be drawn and used
    Notable Users: Karrimoor
  • [XVI] Lacerated Top
    Formation: Crop Top + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: User’s body is cut up into multiple crawling effigies of shadow
    Notable Users: Curse, Sevas
  • [XVII] Endless Expanse Suit
    Formation: Jumpsuit + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: Swallows the user entirely, the clothes use the body as fuel to move
    Notable Users: Husk
  • [XXII] Hellblast Britches
    Formation: Dungarees + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: User is held and puppeted by demons from the shadows
    Notable Users: Varount, Kelvas
  • [XXIX] Strangled Scarf
    Formation: Scarf + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: Hung on their scarf, user floats eerily and tries to choke others
    Notable Users: Likshan
  • [XXXI] Desire Malformed
    Formation: Knickers + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: User seems normal on the outside, is sociopathic on the inside
    Notable Users: Sevenses
  • [Legendary] Anticloth
    Formation: Original Cloth + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: Permanently destroys Patches and Battle Clothing and Marks humans
    Notable Users: Bismarck, Judas
  • [Legendary] Hanif’s Folly
    Formation: Linen Tunic + Silhouette Patch
    Effect: Creates all of the things that the user fears most
    Notable Users: Shadh