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Site Overview, June 2019

Hello, all! I’ll be making several changes to East Side Port, so I’d like to detail them below.

In one hour, the first part of my new web serial will be releasing, known as Sunderland College. You can find out more about Sunderland College on the contents page, and I hope you enjoy Part 1.1!

The schedule for updates will be changing at East Side Port. With the release of Sunderland College, I will be alternating updates. I have been taking an extended break from Cause, but will now be updating that alongside Sunderland College. Updates for Sunderland College will come out one week, and updates for Cause will come out the next week – same day and time as always, Tuesday, 8PM GMT.

I will also be starting a Patreon! If you enjoy my work, and would like to support me so I can get it out more quickly, please consider becoming a Patron! High-tier Patrons will receive special bonuses, such as having cameos in my stories or getting access to some behind-the-scenes lore and character notes, and much more. You can find the Patreon page here.

Thank you very much for reading. Please enjoy everything that East Side Port has to offer!

Cause: End of Arc I Update

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