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Sunderland College [2.X – Race of Secrets]

Two figures stare at the college. One of them, the woman, tilts her head.

“Is this the place?” she asks. The young man sighs.

“I’m not sure.”

“Looks like it. Sunderland College.”

“Well, I know it’s Sunderland College.” the man replies, turning to the woman. “I’m just not sure we’re going to find what we’re looking for.”

“We came this far, Lucas.” the woman says.

Lucas adjusts his hair and shrugs. The woman reaches over to briefly clutch his hand in a gesture of faith.


He is just about to walk through the gates when he stops, and turns slowly to face the woman.

“Elysia… if we’re right about this, what’s going to happen?”

“Nothing, provided we get to it first. It’s hidden in this very college, and he’ll be coming for it soon enough.” Elysia replies. Lucas nods.

“I always hoped we’d be friends.”

“He won’t be your friend. Not now you’ve stood in his way; he’s after one thing and one thing only.”

Lucas Gloom takes a deep breath as he stares at the college before him. “In that case, let’s get to it first. Did you say Aubree attends this college, too?”

“Mm?” Elysia says, then nods. “Yes. Who is she?”

“An old family friend.” Lucas says. “Come on, let’s get going.”

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