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Sunderland College [4.X – Payment]

“Hm…” the figure tuts to himself, staring at a computer monitor. “End of October? That’s sooner than expected… but we can’t miss this chance.”

He stands up and clicks his fingers at the other figure in the room: a man wearing an impeccable buttling uniform. “Make preparations to leave for Macew as soon as you can. She arrives on the Friday night.”

As the butler walks away, the computer monitor beeps, and an additional message comes through.

“We have her hotel room. Oh, fantastic…” murmurs the figure. “I’ve been itching to get back into the field again, and who better than the proverbial thorn in my side? Finally… she’ll be gone. And I can sate my urges for another few years.”

The figure stands up and begins to walk away from the computer, an eerie smile on his face. He turns after a moment, and calls after the butler.

“Oh, yes… please send a message to Miss Seville and let her know that the student she was interested in has been suspended. If she intends to recruit or… research him, then she ought to do so in the next few weeks.”

As the figure watches the butler vanish, he turns to the window, and looks out over a calm and quiet night. Still smiling to himself, he remains there for several minutes.

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