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[Game Review] Monument Valley

The mobile phone market is a bit like an ageing celebrity – I used to respect them, but now I just regard them with disinterested glances whenever they appear in the news whilst I sigh and wonder if we can ever return to the way things were. It used to be a place of innovation and creativity, where enraged fowls and rope slicing could occur on a daily basis; nowadays, the physics puzzlers and endless runners have been replaced by war games and free-to-play-but-not-really games, both of which really get my goat so hard that they start choking it.

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[Game Review] Cave Story

When someone says ‘indie’, there’s a few titles that come to mind as inherently indie. Super Meat Boy, Fez, Limbo – when you get asked to name an indie game, there’s few games that come to mind quite like Cave Story. Made by one guy, over many years of painstaking work, Cave Story is the ultimate story of indie success. Only one question remains: does it still earn that label, or is it less good than we all thought it was, like a kebab that tasted great drunk but less good sober?

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[Game Review] Sonic Mania

Well, after quite an irksome delay that set my review back a week or two, forcing me to go through Miitopia instead, Sonic Mania is finally out on Steam, and man, I was excited to play this! I wasn’t actually a Mario kid when I was younger, though I certainly became a big fan later on – I was a Sega boy through and through. I had all the Sonic games (not that I ever beat them). So, Sonic Mania has a whole childhood’s-worth of nostalgia to feed… can it pull it off?

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[Game Review] Tomodachi Life

I’m not entirely sure that putting ‘game review’ in the title of this post is even worth it, because the first thing I can say about Tomodachi Life is that it is not a game. You see, Tomodachi Life is a simulator that you can stick your random Miis into to watch them live a weird kind of existence, where you act as benevolent overlord to feed, clothe and entertain your little minions. However, I’d also quail at calling it a simulator, since a simulator typically implies accurate representation: if any of your real life friends acted like the Miis in this game do, I’d advise you to kill them, because they are clearly soulless robots who don’t really understand this human concept we call emotion.

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[Anime Review] My Hero Academia Season 1

Well, isn’t this new? So recently, the weeaboos I pretend to call ‘friends’ decided that I should watch anime, and as somebody who’s literally never watched anime before, and prefers a decent videogame to a television show like Game of Thrones, Love Island or Trapped In My Uncle’s Basement, I wasn’t entirely convinced that this was a good idea. However, I’ve now watched a season of My Hero Academia, and whilst this is stylised as a review, it’s going to be more of a discussion and various observations of a first-time watcher, which is an excellent way of telling anime diehards to get off my back. Without any further ado, go beyond! Plus Ultra!! (Also, some spoilers. Be warned.)

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[Game Review] Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Well, this review might be retro, but it’s actually somewhat relevant considering the imminent release of Sonic Mania, a game I am incredibly excited for. You see, Sonic the Hedgehog was actually my first foray into gaming, not Nintendo. Personally, now I prefer Nintendo in the same way that you stop watching kid’s cartoons at about 14 to start watching horror films like the edgy teen you are, but Sonic will still remain an important part of my life. And let’s be real here – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is still a damn good game, even by today’s standards. So… why is that?

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[Game Review] Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy

The first thing I want to say about this game is that I take great offence at the ridiculous length of this title. There was absolutely no need to have a title this long. Katrielle is presumably going to be the main character for all of the Mystery Journey games, so why not just call it Layton’s Mystery Journey: The Millionaire’s Conspiracy? It would be vastly more convenient, I’m sure, and having such a mouthful of a title just makes it difficult to talk about. By the time I’m three words into recommending it, everyone has already got bored and wandered off. Spoilers: I’m going to recommend this game.

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