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When I see this place, the… East Side Port, and Yore Games, and everywhere else that tells stories, it makes me realise…

Some versions of me were luckier. They lived in worlds that had no threat; they did not make the choices I had to make.

As I sit here, looking through the eyes of another me at a world I would have killed to inhabit, it makes me realise how utterly pointless my own universes are. I mean… what’s it all for?

Am I really going to ignore everything that got me here?

The sins I committed?

Oh, god, I’m so alone. I’ve done things that nobody should ever have done. I have betrayed my family and friends alike, and there is nobody who would willingly trust me again. Even now, I sit in the darkness of this room and hide myself away from everyone.

They ask me whether I’m alright. They think they know me. But I gave them a fake name, and I wear a cloak to hide myself. In the light, I am but a muse, an assistant, but in the darkness of the void I am a god who wields infinite power.

Infinite power that I had to sacrifice everything to attain.

Was it worth it?

No, I do not think so. Her rage keeps her alive, and she is looking for me. One day she will find me, and she will kill me.

And the worst part is, I won’t fight back.

Because I deserve to die.